About us

We're a group of trainees, mostly of the Master in Engineering of Energy and Environment.
The work carried out since July 2013 reached the original objectives, as well as allow for several dissertations to the interns, with a big and positive feedback from Lisbon University (Faculty of Sciences).
The group's activity began because of the availability of the Supervisor and Engineer Antonio Abreu.
The project is currently underway in a public institution, a large building services (LNEG Alfragide), who needed plenty interventions. It emerged as an opportunity both for trainees, and for the institution as serving knowledge and ability to stage the students, as well as enable the institution to carry out the work required with almost zero cost.

The work carried occur in different aspects such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, security systems, indoor and outdoor lighting, electrical and hydraulics circuits.

At the beginning of this project, there were only two interns who currently have concluded the stage and the course at the Faculty of Sciences at Lisbon University.
The results achieved during the first year of activity, not only made possible the integration of more trainees, as well as performing more interventions, mainly those considered urgent.